Stratford and Evesham Methodist Circuit

Broadway Methodist Church

High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7DT
Broadway Prayer
Broadway Prayer
On the Street

Lord of all kindliness:
The winter wind and rains
blow cold
And we remember the homeless.
They seek shelter
in our towns and cities,
Only knowing despair
and hopelessness

They are exposed
to all the elements
Suffer abuse,
violence and torment.
As their faces turn towards us,
we judge them and moan
Because they‘re sitting on our
pavements, without home.

May your unconditional love
for us be our guide,
And the homeless find
renewed hope in their heart,
Through people’s God given
strength and skills,
Combined and shared
and freely given.

Rev’d Dr
Israel Selvanayagam

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Broadway Congregation

Service: 10.30am
Broadway Events
Weekday Events - The Way

A Christian Project
open Friday & Saturday from
10am to 4pm for refreshments
and Christian fellowship.
All are welcome.

For more information.

The Hall is available for
community activities and events.

The hall has a well equipped kitchen
and is often booked for parties
and meetings.

There are regular bookings for:-
1st Broadway Guides,
Broadway Natural History,
Embroidery Class
and two Luncheon Groups.

For Hall Bookings, please contact:
Mrs Sylvia Benham
Tel: 01386 858347 or e-mail.