Stratford and Evesham Methodist Circuit

Circuit Prayer

From Broadway - Sunday 4th March

Please remember the congregation at Broadway in your prayers.
They have suggested we use a prayer form the Methodist Prayer Handbook for use on 4th March:

Almighty God, we worship and adore you. We thank you for Jesus, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.
Help us as we meet and challenge each other to live and work for Christ. Guide us as we reach out to others with the immeasurable love and endless grace of our Lord Jesus, Amen.
(Denis Maguire, Midlands and Southern District Superintendent, Ireland.)

We remember Revd. Ros Murphy and her family, and others in our congregations who have been recently bereaved. Our prayers continue for those working towards peace in Syria and other areas of conflict around the world. We pray for all caught up in those conflicts and the brave people who are helping them to survive.