Stratford and Evesham Methodist Circuit

Electricity supplier

How you thought about changing your electricity supplier?
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As members of an Eco-Circuit we should all give some thought to where our electricity is coming from and its impact on the environment. We can change the company which supplies our church and the one which supplies our home. You choice could reduce your carbon footprint, make an important collective contribution to combating energy change - and it could save you money too - especially if you are currently being supplied by one of the so-called 'Big Six'.

100% green electricity is now seems from several more suppliers and together Christian Aid and Tearfund, backed by the Anglicans,are campaigning to get “hundreds of thousands of Christians to switch to ‘clean’ energy suppliers. Visit the Big Church Switch website.

There is now plenty of choice though it means you need to be prepared to do a little more work if you want the best deal. You need to have your last electric bill to hand as it has information the quote forms will almost certainly require. To get a more accurate quote try to find out roughly how many kW hrs of electricity you used over the last year; (just add up the figures on the last 4 quarterly bills.

You could start with the Methodist option from 2buy2 which will give you a basis on which to compare possible other green deals (ring 03333 201 015) or visit the 2buy2 website.

Good Energy, Ecotricity and just recently, Octopus Energy all claim to supply 100% green electricity but you can also check out the greenest suppliers. Ecotricity will also soon be offering 100% 'green' gas generated from grass cuttings!

This is something we can all do - as churches and as individuals. If you need help simply call or e-mail Mark Boulton or one of the other members of the Eco-Team. It might even save you money - but even if it costs a little more, is it not something worth serious consideration as your commitment to Caring for Creation?

And if you have already switched to 'green' energy, please let the Eco-Team know as this will contribute towards our Eco-Circuit award.